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Sentiments of Participants for “Why is Intellectual Property important to me?”

Patenti News

7 Jul 2023

Pulse of Youth on Intellectual Property

Patenti Technology Solutions celebrated World IP Day 2023 with an Essay Writing Competition titled “Why is Intellectual Property important to me?”

This initiative was intended to encourage the participants to engage in out-of-box thinking and share what Intellectual Property means to writer’s daily life.

We received the essay submissions from School students, graduate students from Engineering, Management, Science, Arts and corporate professionals. We are glad that this was an opportunity for the writers to embrace the power and purpose of IP. The writing from each participant were intriguing, well-crafted and compelling.




We invited participants to share their art, craft, literature to acknowledge and celebrate their IP. In the era of AI written content, it is heartening to read and resonate with original composition. Here is a compilation of  poems in honor of that originality and sentiments of Intellectual Property Rights:


Inventions, art, and written works galore 

Intellectual property, something to adore 

Patents, trademarks, and copyrights in store 

Protecting creators, forevermore 

From ideas that spawn to products that sell 

Intellectual property, protects them well 

Innovation thrives with its magical spell 

Ensuring fair use, is vital to tell 

Respect for IP, we must instill 

Without it, innovation would stand still 

A world without progress, a bitter pill 

Intellectual property rights, we must fulfill 

-Richa Raj 


“Why is Intellectual Property important to me?” 

In the world of ideas and creations, the mind, 

Humankind’s discovery is where the essence of progress is. 

Intellectual property has tremendous value. 

Innovations and the arts are closely surrounded. 

With rights and defences, a mental barrier, 

Ideas take off, their genius shown. 

Creators enjoy comfort, their work is valued, 

As IP protects dreams, it preserves their conception. 

Authors reveal undiscovered stories through copyrights, 

They wrote bold and beloved poems and stories. 

Both music and film have enduring melodies. 

IP protects legacies and maintains their purity. 

Awe-inspiring inventions and patents, 

Breaking a new law was the result of genius. 

The power of the smartphone outshines the radiance of the lighting. 

IP supports inventions by directing their development. 

Secured trade secrets, a company’s fort 

They support strategy and innovation. 

Ideas can flourish with IP acting as a barrier, 

For success to come, one must create an edge. 

A canvas revealed, artistic expression 

Trademark protection proclaimed its identity. 

Brands and logos are captivating to the soul. 

IP protects uniqueness and completes it. 

The importance of IP to me is found in its embrace. 

Fostering creativity and ideas. 

Hard effort is rewarded, encouraging new talent. 

Spirit-lifting, enabling the realisation of dreams. 

Let’s praise IP because of its enormous value. 

A proof of the intelligence of people. 

Because it protects us, we can all speak up. 

A demonstration of why we are happy with our decision. 

-Ankita Panpatil 


In this cold-stoned world of innovation and art, 

It is only Intellectual Property Rights that set us apart.  

Without the ability to protect our work, 

In an IP lawless world, our ideas would lurk.  

Copyrights and trademarks, patents on designs, 

Rights of the artificer, shielded in fine lines.  

The words, the songs, the art, the ode, 

The products of our minds that we hold, 

The fruit of our labour, the gem for our toil 

Only IP can safeguard our intellectual soil. 

Respect the work; the law, let’s not shirk.  

Admire the talent, the belief is valiant, 

Revere the law, the idea is without a flaw, 

The returns for our endeavour, makes our worth last forever! 

-Ria Dutta


“Every creation is piece of me,

my hardwork and heartbeat is creativity.

Protection ensures I'll always be,

able to share and profit my originality.”

-Jasmeet, IIIT Dharwad



Here is an attempt to capture the pulse of the participants:


For me, IP is not only a legal requirement, but also a personal principle. It represents my dedication and hard work in the arts and writing, and without copyright protection, I would have no say in how my work is used or copied.
-Mahendra Singh Puniya, Student, IIIT Dharwad


Without intellectual property protection, my work would be vulnerable to theft and misuse. IP protection ensures that my creations are solely mine, and no one else can claim them as their own. It gives me the confidence to share my work with the world, knowing that it is protected from theft and misuse.
-Purusharth Kumar


Intellectual property is much more than just safeguarding individual inventors. It is also crucial in encouraging creativity and innovation in our society. Creators are inspired to push limits and explore new ideas when they can own and control their work. This results in a vibrant creative and intellectual community that benefits everyone. - Amruth Mandappa, Student, IIIT Dharwad


In the current world, ideas are playing a more and bigger role in trade. Many of the high-tech goods on the market today are the result of brilliant ideas from individuals. Today's discoveries are supported by three pillars: invention, research, and design. Ananya Gupta, Student, IIIT Dharwad



Devoid of these rights, creators would have little inducement to invest their time, money, and effort in developing new ideas and products, since they would not benefit from their creations. - Daksh Rastogi


Whether I am designing posters for college events or writing journal articles, I understand the value of my ideas and the importance of protecting them. At the same time, I also advocate for open source and community contribution, which can sometimes conflict with traditional intellectual property laws. Sahil Mandi, Student, IIIT Nagpur



As a Freelancer in Digital Marketing industry, I have to use Intellectual Property daily for the protection of the Data, creation of content, designing the post and videos. -----Dhruvangi Acharya

Strong IP protection is essential for a thriving economy and a healthy society. Saransh Thahrani, IIM Visakhapatnam


As a HR professional, you can educate your employees on the importance of IP protection and the consequences of violating IP laws. Employees who are aware of the value of intellectual property are more likely to respect and protect it. You can also conduct training sessions on best practices for IP protection, such as securing computer networks and properly disposing of confidential documents -Akash Bhatia, Corp HR Manager, POWERGRID


As a poet, IP protection is crucial to my ability to monetize my poems. Copyright laws provide me with the exclusive right to perform, distribute, and license my poems, allowing me to earn income from my creative efforts. This income is essential to my ability to continue pursuing my passion for poetry, as it enables me to invest in new tools that allow me to create new and innovative works. -Priyanka Bedi, Engineer and Poet


I know what you might be thinking, "How can a 14-year-old use IP in daily life?" Great question, my friend! You see, every time I create something, I make sure to mark it with a copyright symbol. That way, anyone who sees it knows that it's mine and can't use it without my permission. Plus, it's a great conversation starter! I mean, who doesn't love talking about the intricacies of copyright law? I also use IP in my daily life when I consume media. Whether it's watching my favorite TV show or listening to my favorite album, I know that the creators behind those works put in a lot of time and effort to bring me joy. And by respecting their intellectual property rights, I'm doing my part to support their hard work. -Sruthi Dakshnamoorthy, Student, Chettinad Vidyashram


Another reason why IP is important is because it helps to foster competition and promote a level playing field.
For example Julie is a young entrepreneur with a passion for fashion. She had a brilliant idea for a new type of clothing, but she knew that without proper intellectual property protection, her idea could easily be stolen by competitors. Julie filed a trademark application for her brand name and logo, which granted her exclusive rights to use these symbols in connection with her clothing line. This allowed her to build a strong brand identity and stand out in a crowded market. Thanks to the trademark protections, Julie was able to build a successful fashion business, with her designs selling out in stores across the country. - Avik Jain, Delhi



Consider the example of a young artist from a disadvantaged background who creates a powerful piece of art that speaks to the experiences of their community. Without the protection of intellectual property laws, this artist may not receive the recognition they deserve for their work, and it may be used or exploited by others without their consent. This could perpetuate existing power imbalances and prevent marginalized voices from being heard. - Nithilan KM, Saveetha School Of Law
Every day, you and I deal with goods related to IP. Starting from toothpaste, toothbrushes, soaps, the music we listen to recharge ourselves for the day, food that we eat, electronic gadgets we use for professional and personal activities, books we read, artworks we come across, to the pillow and mattress that we rest on after a long tiring day. IP rights allow supra-marginal economic returns. Permit pricing is higher than the point at which the market is most competitive but lower than what a monopolist would charge. -Arya K, P.hD Student
Non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) are frequently used to safeguard trade secrets. When a party to the agreement discloses all or part of a trade secret to uninterested parties, they have breached the agreement and infringed on the trade secret. When an NDA is not present, it is possible to be guilty of trade secret violation. -Sri Pooja, Student, Bannari Amman Institute of Technology


As Thomas Alva Edison said “Anything that won’t sell I don’t want to invent. Its sale is proof of utility and utility is success”
Thus, Intellectual property protection can give assurance to investors innovate and create new products and services in the future global market. - Ashish Rahangdale


Copyright bestowed upon me the exclusive rights to my literary works, ensuring that my originality would be acknowledged and respected. It granted me the freedom to explore various genres, experiment with different writing styles, and foster my unique voice. Copyright also cultivated my respect for the works of others, emphasizing the importance of attributing credits and appreciating the diverse literary landscape. -Yuvraj, Student, IIT Jodhpur
I would like to quote a line by Thomas Jefferson “He who receives an idea from me, receives instruction himself without lessening mine; as he who lights his taper at mine,recieves light without darkening me.”
 Justice Charles Woodbry wrote “the labours of mind, productions and interests are as much as man’s own as the wheat he cultivates or the flocks he rears”. The intangible products of a man’s brain are as valuable as any of his other property like land or his goods and an unauthorised use of such intellectual property by another person is equivalent to a crime like theft or trespass. -Prerna Roy



Standard Essential Patents (SEPs) are patents that cover technologies essential to the implementation of industry standards. They enable interoperability and foster competition.
 Companies that own SEPs are required to license them on fair, reasonable, and non-discriminatory (FRAND) terms, ensuring that inventors are appropriately compensated while allowing for broader adoption of standardized technologies. This promotes compatibility and innovation across various industries, such as telecommunications, where standards like 4G or 5G rely on SEP licensing. -Lakshyata Daga, a second-year student from Hidayatullah National Law University (HNLU).



Inventions like the telephone, the light bulb and the iPhone have revolutionized the world through their seemingly infinite potential and use cases. Yet, we all remember their creators for their marvels and their immaculate contributions to society. Such is the power of the imagination. Bending nature to our will and making dreams come true is the power of our progress. -Dhairya Mistry, Student, IIT Indore


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