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Patenti - Technology For Your IP

Patenti is a go-to tool for IPR Analysts, Patent Agents, IPR Attorneys. IP portfolio management is time-consuming and labor-intensive. Patenti is AI powered SaaS product to make patent feature mapping easier for IP professionals. Patenti uses state-of-the art technology and AI to predict where innovations in industry are headed.

Patenti works on several key areas:

  • AI-powered solutions for IP professionals: Providing advanced tools to streamline IP work and push the boundaries of Prior-art search.

  • Facilitate Tech Transfer lifecycle: We ease IP Discovery and IP Scouting in R&D cycle as well as Tech Transger.

  • Democratizing IP Scouting: Patenti uses our unique design language and innovative mapping tools streamline the process of connecting your product or technology specifications to relevant patents. This empowers you to scout existing patents to accelerate your path to innovation/product development and to make informed decisions for your business.

  • IP valuation for startups: Helping asset-light companies, like startups, understand the true value of their IP.

  • Promoting IP awareness: Educating a wider audience about the importance of IP.


Our team consists of experienced and passionate professionals who are dedicated to delivering technology that can meet the demands of IP-First Industry. We believe that technology has the power to transform the world and we are excited to share our solutions for wider adoption.

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Amrutha brings over 16 years of experience in IT engineering to Patenti. She combines this deep technical knowledge with a legal background, having earned a PG Diploma in Intellectual Property Law from NLSIU, Bangalore. This unique blend of skills allows her to understand both the technical aspects of inventions and the legal framework surrounding intellectual property (IP).

Amrutha's experience, both in the US and in India, fuels her commitment to building solutions that benefit India's innovation ecosystem. At Patenti, she is on a mission to drive innovation, empower others, and create a positive societal impact.

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